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Could it be they are getting up solely for their TV fix?

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suzywong Sat 30-Jul-05 23:07:00

Owing to some terrible crime I committed in a past life,my children have woken up at 5.50 for 95% of their young lives.
Me and DH take it in turns to be hauled from our beds to quench the wrath of our forefathers and be up with the boys.

This morning, as I feel my body cells age prematurely by yet another few monts, and my face sag irrietrevabley by another few micromillimetres, it occurs to me that the little blighters are simply rising at this hour for the TV. Now of course it's my fault for switching on the idiot box firts thing so I can come on here nad pretend I am just up late like normal adults. Do you think if I refuse to switch the TV on for the first hour, taking us up to the more acceptable hour of 7am, that they will feel it's not worth getting up before the Kookaburras and stay in bed in future?

Or am I just giving myself a harder time? Whaddayareckon?

Pixiefish Sat 30-Jul-05 23:08:05

Anything's worth a try really isn't it

Pixiefish Sat 30-Jul-05 23:08:06

Anything's worth a try really isn't it

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