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pick up put down....but baby giggles?

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fra321 Wed 27-Jul-05 10:50:37

Perfect daytime (2hr) napper (am and pm naps) have suddenly gone to 40 min naps (she's not happy on this amount of sleep - nothing has changed, not teething, wet hungry etc... the second i pick her up (still crying) once i walk with her to the door as though we are going downstiars...she giggles! If i try and extend the nap time by p/u p/down when i pick her up crying, she rolls her eyes (v tired) stops crying and i put her down immedialtey, when i put her down she springs to life and starts giggling & smiling at i pick her up? Or do i leave her (this always escalates into crying....) her routine has changed to having brekkie, then a 40 min nap followed by one hours playtime then another 40 min nap because she is tired again....then dinner....would really like to bring the 2 naps together to one long one again.....

Any advice/tips on pick up put down and about extending her nap time would be great!

Seona1973 Wed 27-Jul-05 19:33:23

what age is your lo? It may be that your lo is able to stay awake a little longer before the first nap - try extending awake time by 30 minutes or so. Your lo may then be tired enough to go for a proper nap.

fra321 Thu 28-Jul-05 09:36:57

she is 6mo 1 wk, i think I will try extending her awake time b4 am hard because once u get a good routine going d's has developed so much it needs to be altered again! Sometimes the most obvious thing is what you miss!

Thanks, will try this

Twiglett Thu 28-Jul-05 09:38:02

I didn't think you could do pick up put down during the day though .. but that might just be my lack of knowledge

Seona1973 Thu 28-Jul-05 13:28:06

you can do pick up/put down whenever it is necessary. I sometimes had luck with extending a nap by using it - other times I gave up after 20-30minutes. I did use it a bit when dd was actively resisting her naps too. If my dd laughs when I try to use pu/pd, I leave the room as you cannot do pu/pd with a happy, smiley baby. Once the crying starts again, start the pu/pd.

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