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Nearly 3 and suddenly not going to sleep.

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jojo28 Mon 25-Jul-05 22:02:50

I am at a total loss - my son bumped his head badly about 3 weeks ago. He did not loose consciousness but he had to have the wound glued together. He was fine but because we were worried about him for the first few nights after the bump we stayed with him till he drifted off to sleep to make sure he was ok and happy. Since then he has been kicking up a fuss at bed time trying all sorts delaying tactics and eventually getting very upset with lots of wailing and screaming. Having really never had to deal with this before I am not sure now what to do. I have spoken to him and promised him treats and stickers if he goes to sleep on his own which he always agrees to but then night time comes and he starts to get upset. I have tried leaving him to cry for a bit then going back in to reassure but it hasn't got him to go back to getting him self off to sleep again. Tonight after his usual bath and stories he went down at 8. 30 and has been crying and getting out of bed for a full hour. The longest I left him was for 15 minutes - my question is should I let him cry it out? Or is their another strategy? Otherwise he is his usual sunny self how can I nip this in the bud?

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