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c/crying with baby who can pull herself up in the cot

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hermykne Thu 26-Jun-03 20:24:14

my dd aged 9mths can now sit up and pull on the cot rails. presently shes not seetling a night has anyone done c/c with a baby at this stage? did they whack themselves of the cot and was it wprth it?
i did it before and it worked but not sure now

aloha Thu 26-Jun-03 21:07:00

Is your dd in a sleeping bag? It can help prevent standing up. I did cc with my ds at 8months and it was very successful. He never hit himself on the cot (but he does have a placid nature) and it was TOTALLY worth it.

codswallop Thu 26-Jun-03 21:10:07

My Dh used to get in a right state if oue sons were standing up crying in their cot. I could never see what difference it made..

hermykne Thu 26-Jun-03 21:16:37

never tried the sleeping bag, she throws the cover off at night (even in the winter) but i might try and just put her in ashort baby gro.

i'm just afraid she'll topple and go ang and wail wail wail and then it'll be much harder to settle her

sobernow Thu 26-Jun-03 21:55:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aloha Thu 26-Jun-03 22:22:21

I really recommend the sleeping bag. She might even be waking up because she's thrown off her covers and got cold.

ScummyMummy Thu 26-Jun-03 22:34:07

Good grief, sobernow!

cathncait Fri 27-Jun-03 04:08:55

I had the same thing with my dd Hermykne. I was worried too but realised that eventually sh'll have to lean how to lie down and resettle anyway so we did cc with no probs. It only took a short time for her to learn to lie down. HTH

Batters Fri 27-Jun-03 12:44:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sobernow Fri 27-Jun-03 12:50:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tinker Fri 27-Jun-03 13:50:21

LOL sobenow. I know I shouldn't but the act of nailing a door seems really funny

hermykne Fri 27-Jun-03 18:46:07


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