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4 weeks old ... Too young for Sleep Training ?

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lovinit Sat 23-Jul-05 06:58:43

DD sleep great during the day after feeds but cannot be put down for a nap (1-1.5 hrs after being woken for a feed) at all . I have tried patting and shh'ing and letting her cry for a while, but the cries escalates rather than die down and I feel too cruel too let her cry too long. DD1 was the same and I eventually did sleep training when she was 4 months as i had the time to cope with her during the day and also the spare pair of hands to rock her to sleep. However, now with a 22 month old too, I do not.

I know CC is not on for such a young age, but what are the other options and how long do you think it would take ?

I feel quite low at the moment and am beginning to wish that life was back like it was before she was born which is awful. I know things to get better, but I am not sure if I can sit tight that long before I end up being a bad mum and also bad wife .

Fran1 Sat 23-Jul-05 07:14:13

Oh its only been four weeks, your bound to be feeling extremely emotional so don't kick yourself about the thoughts you are having.

IMO i wouldn't ever wake a sleeping baby1!
Unless of course she is not putting on enough weight.

I'm a bit confused as to when the problem is. Are you waking her at 10pm for a feed or something and then she's not going back? If so, try not waking her and wait until she wakes for her nighttime feed.

Kelly1978 Sat 23-Jul-05 07:32:51

I also wouldn't wake her if you don't have to. At that age you cna't really put them down to cry for too long, although a little while won't hurt if they don't need anything. I've trained my babies by just sticking to very dark lighting and no talking/interration at night. I never take them otu of the bedroom neither, and don't change nappies unless abs necessary. I've sat there rocking them back to sleep quite a lot too. Eventually they seem to get the message that nightimes are far too boring and don't bother staying up.

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