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5 month old eczema baby, swaddling and scratching

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FlouryBap Wed 17-Mar-10 20:30:53


I am looking for some advice on how I can settle my 5 month old DD2. She has quite bad eczema AND she is a wiggly agitated baby anyway. The eczema showed up at about 2 months, but even before that she would thrash around a lot and pull her hair before going to sleep. Now things are a lot worse. We put mitts on her but she still gets really agitated and rubs her face and head a lot and knocks her dummy out. I started swaddling her, which has helped a bi. But in the night she wiggles out of it and she screams the place down when I have to reswaddle. She was so upset last night I even left her ot her face rubbing but it does ends in bawls of tired frustration. So I have to swaddle her and feed her to sleep in my bed. She is waking every couple of hours.

so my questions are:
-are there any tricks I am missing?
-Is there a way fo swaddloing her that she can't get out of, for example some special swaddling blanket.
-does the scratching become a habit, she does it even when her skin isn't too bad.

any help is very much appreciated.

FB x

p.s. i am probably going ot bed soon (with her!) but will be back ot read this tomorrow.

Cadders1 Wed 17-Mar-10 21:04:30


My DS was a bit of a scratcher and we swaddled him due to this - but from about 14 weeks kept fighting his way out. I found a NZ product off the internet called Peke Moe. This stops them from scratching their face - also they have some special attachment for babies who have eczema. They have a website and facebook page. We did not keep DS in it long - but I think it did help him transfer to a sleeping bag from the swaddle. He used to like having the material up aorund his face. Another thing that seemed to help is settling him to sleep on his side - as he was often rolling himself onto his side in the night when swaddled. There are loads of positive reviews about the Peke Moe which are on the website.

There is also a swaddle called the snug and tug I think that is for bigger babies and is supposed to be impossible to get out of - but I don't have any experience of it, just something I was looking at when researching alternatives.

Poppet45 Thu 18-Mar-10 09:04:56

I have both and can recommend the Peke over the - stretchy and therefore escapable - snug and tug.
Have you asked for an antihistamine when your little one's eczema is really bad? Our son is an itchy one too and he's on a three week course which has the side effect (welcome) that it also makes him sleepy so he's too tired to scratch.

FlouryBap Thu 18-Mar-10 12:28:50

Thanks both. I have the Peke and have been putting her in it and then swaddling her, so that if she escaped she couldn't get at her face. I will give the other way a go!

I have only been giving emolient cream from the doctor but am going back on Monday, so hopefully they will do something else

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