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how much sleep

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peaceandlight Tue 19-Jul-05 20:49:08

does your 6 year old or 9 year old have at night?
do you ever get a good lie in?
just wondering when school holidays are going to mean staying in bed late

fqueenzebra Tue 19-Jul-05 21:01:16

10.5 hrs for my 5yo, any help?
I get lie-ins if DH takes care of them, about 3x/year

peaceandlight Tue 19-Jul-05 23:34:44

I think that is how much my 6 year old has been having. Although when i think about it he must sleep a lot more on a schoolnight than during the holidays or weekends. Wonder why?

spidermama Tue 19-Jul-05 23:36:07

I get the breakfast stuff out for them and they do it for themselves. It's a little messy, but it's worth it for an extra 45 mins in bed.

fqueenzebra Wed 20-Jul-05 10:32:06

DS1 gets his own brekkie sometimes, too, bonus if he gets it for his baby sis, too!
I know that DS1 is exhausted by school, the social component of it.

peaceandlight Wed 20-Jul-05 19:27:58

how old were they when they got their own brekkie?

vicdubya Wed 20-Jul-05 20:05:22

What do you call a good lie in?! For me this would mean 8-8.30, as I wouldn't sleep later than that anyway, unless I had been out really late the night before.

My own ds is too small to compare but dsd at 9 used to need to go to bed around 8pm, would be asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow, and was always up bright & breezy at 7.30 - 8 (and never really changed, even into her teens), whereas dss would want to go to bed later (at weekends, anyway), and always had trouble getting to sleep, but really hard to get him up before 9am. When he hit his teens he started the typical pattern of going to bed between 10-11 and sleeping in until midday (if allowed!).

So I think it depends a lot on the child.

spidermama Thu 21-Jul-05 13:12:48

As soon as you feel they're competent to do it peaceandlight. After coming down to a sea of cereal on the floor a few times too many, I started puttng it in their bowls and covering them overnight. Then you just need to teach them to pour the right amount of milk into their bowls.

DS1 Started doing it for himself when he was nearly 4. He does it for his 3 year old brother now.

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