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Standing up in cot

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Winnie Fri 06-Jul-01 13:58:35

Our baby boy seems determined to keep us on our toes and each time we think we have a sleep routine sorted it all seems to go completely off course.

At 8 months his latest thing is to stand up in his cot and make noise. We had this for four hours last night (six hours after he had been put to bed).My partner and I went into the room and endeavoured to settle him every so often but eventually each of us having had 1 hours sleep and with dawn looming ever nearer and the prospect of having to get up soon we gave in and put him in with us... where after he'd basically helped himself to milk, he eventually slept for a couple of hours. Whilst I have no problem with his sleeping with us in principle in practise he is a very light sleeper and wakes at the slightest noise (which is why we have put him into his own room and why he only gets in with us in the morning for his usual feed,play and a cuddle). I am at a loss to know what to do now as I am fearful that he will hurt himself if we do the controlled crying and he constantly gets up onto his feet am I being over anxious? Has anyone else had a similar problem? I've read the Gina Ford book but it does not mention such specific problems.

Bloss Fri 06-Jul-01 14:51:07

Message withdrawn

Winnie Sat 07-Jul-01 09:47:07

Bloss, thanks for the advice... I had a feeling you might have a suggestion. The cc seems to be working once again so hopefully - teething permitting - we are on the right track and the previous nights escaped was a one off! However, i am monitoring the standing in the cot and shall see how we fare over the next few days.

Bloss Sat 07-Jul-01 12:07:50

Message withdrawn

Bron Sat 07-Jul-01 14:15:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dixie Mon 09-Jul-01 10:38:24

My son also stood in his cot from an early age jumping up & down like a trampoline making a funny few baby words like he was singing. We too found it worrying thinking he would hurt himself but he was basically having a good time and learning a new thing to do and he stopped doing it so much as time went by. Once he'd got over the novelty of it we put him in a sleeping bag which helped alot (got it from mail order through Jo Jo bebe mama).

Twink Mon 09-Jul-01 18:08:59

Definitely recommend sleeping bags, we've used one since our little one first learned to kick off the covers at around 4 months and she's still in one at nearly 2. She can still stand up but can't get her legs stuck between the bars or climb out of the cot. I've now managed to get a summer version which is sheet-weight so even the recent heatwave has meant she can still use it.

Winnie Tue 10-Jul-01 09:26:55

Thanks everyone the sleeping bags look like a great idea I am going to try that.

Alli Tue 10-Jul-01 15:13:22

Hi Twink

Where did you get the bag that was "sheet weight"? We let our son sleep without one because he was getting really hot.

Bloss Tue 10-Jul-01 18:13:07

Message withdrawn

Dixie Thu 12-Jul-01 10:29:24

Twink, same question as Alli - where did u get the 'sheet weight' sleeping bag?

Twink Fri 13-Jul-01 11:36:26

Sorry for slow response, not had much time to get to the PC.

I got our sheet weight bag at a local (Newbury)independent babystuff store. I've just called the owner and she gets them from a company called
Grobag (, phone no. 01548 854444. Definitely worth it !

Alli Fri 13-Jul-01 11:54:12

Thanks for letting us know - it's appreciated.

Dixie Fri 13-Jul-01 15:37:17

Thanks Twink, you're a star!

Penguinsmum Fri 13-Jul-01 15:43:15

I also have bought the lightweight sleeping bag from Grobag and their service is excellent! Polite people on the phone and speedy delivery.

We have 2 of the 2.0 tog bags plus the summer one and they're great! I was indulgent and chose a Clangers design for the summer one, which makes me nostalgic for my childhood! DH is a few years younger than me and doesn't remember them at all :-(

Janh Sat 14-Jul-01 15:21:54

for anybody who hasn't yet ordered a grobag grobag - i have just visited their site and while their bags are lovely i am appalled at the prices!

if you can sew, or have a friend or relative who can, you can make your own for a fraction of the price, either using an actual paper pattern or basing it on an existing garment; my mil made lots for us, in different weight fabrics (and hers had sleeves too, which is useful in cold weather). we had bunnies, flowers, dinosaurs, all sorts of prints!

hers were long enough and wide enough to allow a toddler to toddle (rather like a slow sack race) but not to sling a leg over the cot side...

Bloss Sat 14-Jul-01 16:19:07

Message withdrawn

Janh Sat 14-Jul-01 16:47:57

oh, because of the overheating thing?

mine all slept on their fronts, on a lambskin, in a sleeping bag with sleeves!!! it's a good job they never had any problems or i would be wracked with guilt now...isn't it hard to do the right thing sometimes?

anyway, ok, sleeves after 12 months (or whenever it doesn't matter any more!)

Bloss Sat 14-Jul-01 17:29:26

Message withdrawn

Alison222 Wed 05-Sep-01 08:33:32

Back to the standing up in the cot thing. I've just read the original thread. we are only having problems in the daytime with my son standing. I have sleeping bags but during the day usually just cover him with a sheet or blanket as its warm in the house as I don't feel like undressing him for every nap.
At night he is so tired that he sleeps and - so far anyway- standing hasn't been a problem at night. Each time that I go back and lie him down again he just howls the house down and stands up again. Yesterday it took an hour to settle him for his lunchtime nap. This would previously only have taken about 5 -10 mins at most
I'm worried that he will just pull the card on top of him and chew it if I tried this as he is surprisingly strong and persistant.
Any tips to prevent this?

Bloss Wed 05-Sep-01 09:29:38

Message withdrawn

Alison222 Wed 05-Sep-01 14:16:27

Hi Bloss, DS is 9 months pulling himself to standing is his latest trick. I think he useds the bars as he can only reach the top rail when standing.
You might be right about the sleeping bag bit though - but i don't know if it would actually stop him standing. today was better - about 20 mins to settle him this time.

Do you undress your ds for v short naps too?

Bloss Wed 05-Sep-01 15:57:17

Message withdrawn

Zoya Mon 13-May-02 10:50:42

My dd (almost 1 yr) has taken to standing up in her cot yelling, both when she's put to bed in the evening and if she wakes up in the night (the latter is happening increasingly frequently). She can sit herself down very adeptly, so she isn't getting stuck. I think she just likes standing up because she can project her voice better that way...

Anyway, we're going to grit our teeth and embark on controlled crying tonight (not for the first time it was very successful before, but the effects have now worn off after about 5 months). My question is: when we go and visit, should we lie her down again (she rolls right over and stands up immediately), or just say 'night night go to sleep' etc and leave her standing? I can see arguments for and against both, I'd really like to know what's worked for others.

Tetley Mon 13-May-02 13:29:16

Our ds always stands or sits if he's wanting us to realise he's awake. I've always gone back in and layed him down again. He seems to lose the ability to do this by himself! He usually goes back off to slepep then - although not always of course! I just go in, lie him down, say something along the lines of 'Go to sleep', or 'Night night'and then walk out of the room again.
Good luck!

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