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Toddlers and evenin antics

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melsy Fri 15-Jul-05 22:09:56

so is it common for 22 mths to constantly want mummy or daddy every 10 mins calling from cot at around 10:00 pm ?? we spend many an evening taking it in turns to run up and down. What to do what to do??? Is it
a) ignore and hope it wil stop(couldnt do that ,might be somehting up, not fair to leave)
b)go up , pick up cuddle and put back(seems our normal thing)
c)do timed appearances at cot when crying every 5 10 & 15mins?? is that cc ???
d)hmmmm pull hair out and stand in kitchen shouting its your turn!!

I would just like evenings to myself, rather than sitting on tenderhooks every evening waiting to hear. What can be done if anything , as it seems a pattern has built up now.

& if i get no replys I know everyones watchin Big brova!!!! I know I am !!

helsi Fri 15-Jul-05 22:11:56

If he shouts and you go to him then he knows that is what is going to happen. DD was bit like this for a while so we left the door open slightly and if she shouted we shouted back "no * it is bedtime now, please go to sleep." We had a bit of crying etc but after a while it worked.

melsy Fri 15-Jul-05 22:16:48

wisened dds eh !!! shes my little minx !!!

helsi Fri 15-Jul-05 22:18:04

try it - don't give in. she will know that you will go every time otherwise.

samwifewithkid Wed 20-Jul-05 19:10:50

I think your child is testing the boundaries, it's probably a fun game getting mum and dads full attention and making you run up and down the stairs, they are cleverer than we realise. I would eek out the time between going back up, and make them guess a bit more as to when you will return. You will know the more serious cry and how long to leave it. Remember they will get annoyed at you not responding straight away as they are used to you doing that. Just play it cool, if you keep extending the time eventually they will get bored and give up and go off to sleep on their own.

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