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i really need advice right now - please help!

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sleepseeker Thu 14-Jul-05 13:38:46

My daughter just turned 2 last week, and in the last 2 days sleep is becoming an issue again (I haven't used mumsnet talk since i first chose my nickname!). She's recently got her own single bed and we had no problems to start with. Right now though I've just screamed at her and thrown her back into bed for about the 9th time in 10 minutes. I'm really losing my cool (which is unusual for me) and I really want to know what to try. She's exhausted and really needs to sleep - any ideas on how to deal with the continual getting out of bed and coming out of her bedroom? Please help!

emily05 Thu 14-Jul-05 13:41:43

My ds was like this for a while after we got him a single bed. The novilty of getting in and out soon wears off!
Could you put a stairgate across her door to keep her in her room?

Ds plays up most at night - I have made his bedroom so boring for him that there isnt a lot for him to climb out for! He cant get out of his room so he gets bored, tiredness sets in and he goes to sleep! So I leave him to it really and this has worked best for us.

TracyK Thu 14-Jul-05 13:41:56

no help I'm afraid - ds only sleeps in his cot at night. Naps are in the car or on the couch. Could she be feeling left out of things? maybe cuddle up with her on the couch and put cbeebes on? I didn't force the issue with ds as I was happy for him to nap diff. places and didn't want him to associate a fight with bed iykwim.

PrettyCandles Thu 14-Jul-05 13:49:52

Could she go back to her cot? It may be that she's just too young to move out of it. My ds only moved into a bed at 3.5y, we've never had any problems with him leaving the bed, and from what I've heard, most children who change from cot to bed fairly late don't have any issues.

bakedpotato Thu 14-Jul-05 13:58:41

Is this a daytime nap, or are you in another time zone?

If it's nights, does she have a nightlight (my DD suddenly got scared of dark around 2)?

If so, I would just keep putting her back in bed without talking/losing cool . What she is after is a reaction from you. So don't give her one.

You could also do the star chart thing to reward her for going to bed without fuss and staying there.

Does she love her bed? How about explaining that big beds are only for big girls and if she's going to behave like a baby, she'll have to go back into her cot. (Snap with PC, DD only went into big bed at 3 and we had no probs with roving.)

giraffeski Thu 14-Jul-05 14:01:34

Message withdrawn

sleepseeker Thu 14-Jul-05 14:46:11

Thanks everyone! She's now asleep. It is a daytime nap - she usually wants about 2 hours after lunch as she really needs her sleep. i think it turned into a game to start with and then what with the heat and other things i just lost my cool. i'm going to put a stairgate across her room tonight so that even if she opens her door she can't get out, but at least we know she'll be safe so we can just let her get on with it. she loves her new bed so if it continues i could try the threat of the cot again and see what happens. in the past though when we've had sleeping problems she's reacted well to being left to cry and get herself to sleep, so that we've only had to deal with the tears for one or two nights before she realises that she's not going to get anywhere. fingers crossed that the same happens tonight with the aid of a stairgate! thanks again - sometimes you just need to hear that other people have dealt with it and come out the other side!

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