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Constant night wakening & addicted to hairdryer - HELP!

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bbcwomen Wed 17-Mar-10 14:42:04

Hi there,

I'm working for Channel 4 and we are looking for families who are having difficulty getting their unders 4s to sleep to take part in a new series.

The families would get the opportunity to work with a top child sleep expert on a one-to-one basis. The expert believes that they can deal with most sleep issues within a 4 week period, and that sleepless nights will be a thing of the past.

If you want to know more please contact me/respond to this post or see our ad in the media requests forum

I have permission to put this post up by Mumsnet HQ.

Hope to hear from you soon! smile


comatose Fri 26-Feb-10 14:44:37

I recommend JayGee Babysooth [sic] which is a cd playing white noise. It was a godsend for us; we put it on repeat and played it all night long and during naps for a good year or so, just on a very low volume (although they recommend if you have a tiny baby you put it on loud at first to drown out the crying! For your baby's sake, apparently, not yours!). It was a godsend for us and meant we could all relax; it seemed to do what is says on the sleeve - soothe the babies back to sleep. It is a truly weird noise but it worked for us, and may replace the hairdryer addiction!
Good luck.

dinkystinky Fri 26-Feb-10 14:07:29

Try a fan in the room - its the white noise she likes.

MomOrMum Fri 26-Feb-10 14:06:16

Duh - just saw that ceb80 already said about the itunes track. Sorry!

MomOrMum Fri 26-Feb-10 14:05:24

Just in case the hairdryer addiction comes back, I second the "White Noise" CD suggestion. Though if you have an IPOD you can just download the hairdrying noise from iTunes and play it on loop on your IPOD. This was great for us as we could bring the IPOD and mini speakers when away and have white noise to cover up any other noise in holiday appartment or whereever.

Tras Fri 26-Feb-10 14:01:41

DD has slept two nights in a row! YIPPEE! Hope it continues.

ceb80 Wed 24-Feb-10 21:57:41

Good luck! I used to put mine on the cool setting, not sure it makes any different but it made me feel less like we might go up in flames!

Tras Wed 24-Feb-10 20:54:08

Ceb80- I totally agree about fears for setting the house alight! I am so tired at night that I have fallen asleep and when I waken up the hairdryer is left running beside me. Have visions of waking up with my hair on fire! NOT GOOD! Have put DD down for every sleep today without hairdryer and she has been fine. Radio is set up for tonight and will only put it on if she is unsettled- fingers crossed. Feeling hopeful!

ceb80 Wed 24-Feb-10 16:33:38

My DS now 11months was addicted to white noise - in particular the hairdryer but when I realised how close we were to potentially setting the house alight I invested in a white noise track for the ipod. THis worked well too but he eventually weaned himself off it with a bit of help from us. I would put it on high volume blush when he first went down and would then creep back in later and turn it down it. It took quite a while and now he doesn't have it all, infact it doesn't work and I wish it would!

Tras Wed 24-Feb-10 10:54:32

Thanks all! Phoned Health Visitor this morn and she said to try and get away from using noise at all. Buts thats easier said than done!

Have put DD down this morn without hairdryer and she did settle. Gonna do the same again this afternoon. The problem is gonna be during the night!

Maybe will try the radio in the room tonight!hmm Doubt if it will work all night for her though worth a shot!

TeamEdward Wed 24-Feb-10 04:15:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ReadingTeaLeaves Wed 24-Feb-10 04:01:43

If you have an iPod you can download a track of White noise for about 1.50 a search for lullaby land or White noise should find it. If you have an iPhone there's an app with different sorts of White noise for about the same price. We use both a lot and have some really cheap speakers. In DSs room. I realise you're probably looking for some help in weaning her off the noise - but do you need to if you have a safe way of getting the noise. Good luck x

domesticslattern Wed 24-Feb-10 00:00:47

Oh no poor you!

Strongly recommend the fuzzy radio-not-tuned-to-any-station, esp as you can vary the volume.

Buggered recently though as we only seem to have a DAB radio and that is crystal clear!

trixymalixy Tue 23-Feb-10 23:45:41

i have a homedics sound spa for DD, she has it on all night, less than a tenner from boots online.

supersalstrawberry Tue 23-Feb-10 23:38:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

welshgirlintherain Tue 23-Feb-10 23:34:16

Awww-it is horrendous isn't it I can remember one dreadful night when DS1 was 6 months old and we had hairdryer AND hoover going to try & settle him-DH found me rocking silently in the corner of the room grin!
I then discovered "white noise" cd on ebay-we uploaded onto ipod & had it on constant repeat! I used it with both DS's and am pg again & will use again if need to! With both lo's I turned the volume lower & lower every night to get them used to falling asleep on their own-it was worth its weight in gold!
Have just had a quick look and the prices range from £3 to £8-we got the £8 one I think but am not sure it matters white noise is white noise at the end of the day think there is just more choice now.
Good luck & hope you get some lovely sleep soon x

coldtits Tue 23-Feb-10 23:25:59

Tape recorder, record hair dryer noises onto both sides of a tape, play continuously on incrementally quieter volumes.

MimsyStarr Tue 23-Feb-10 23:24:34

Mine liked the hairdryer too, though luckily we only had to use it to get him off to sleep at the beginning of the night and he had the dummy for after that. I can't actually remember how long we used it for, seems so long ago (Ds is 16m now)
Is your baby having a feed during the night? Maybe hungry with a growth spurt?

I have heard you can put a radio and tune it to be off a station, so you get that buzzy noise. That could be worth a try?

Tras Tue 23-Feb-10 21:38:03

If anyone has any advice, that would be brill. DD is 6.5 months and for the past 1.5months she has been wakening repeatedly at night. The only thing that has been soothing her back to sleep is the hairdryer! So much so, that sometimes a think it could be her addiction to this noise that is wakening her.

She has had a tough time with teeth over the past few weeks and just got her 1st two teeth. Hooray! So I know that this has been working on her.

Has anyone else had this problem? First DS used hairdryer to go to sleep for a while but he also had a dummy and was soothed with this at night. DD never liked dummy.

Have tried not putting on hairdryer but she just screams till I do. Sometimes in the night, as soon as we turn off hairdryer she wakes IMMEDIATELY!sad Bought an air purifier to try and simulate noise, but she wasnt fooled.

Fast becoming highly frustrated, tired and feeling like we have lost our will to live!
All suggestions welcome!

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