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She keeps getting out of bed!

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lalasmum Thu 14-Jul-05 00:09:13

Ever since my dd2 (4m) has been poorly, dd1 (22mths) is being very naughty and wont go to bed and keeps on getting up. She tries everything she can think of to get us to stay with her - story, more story, cuddle, milk, biscuit, tickle back, wee wee, lunch(?) etc etc...
We've tried shouting at her, putting her back with no conversation, ignoring her, locking the stairgates and letting her cry. The last three or four nights it has been after 9pm before she gave up and went to sleep - she's usually asleep by 8 - and we're not getting our tea until about 9.30. This can't go on!

Any tips as to how I can get her to go to bed and STAY in bed? She used to be such a good girl...

tortoiseshell Thu 14-Jul-05 00:14:38

We have just put our 23 month dd into a bed, and have been using the travel cot - if she gets out of bed we put her in the travel cot, after a few minutes put her back in bed, etc etc and she is getting the idea of staying in bed.

wheresmyfroggy Thu 14-Jul-05 00:27:59

We are going through exactly the same with dd (21 monyhs) at the moment, various methods have worked(ish) but they usually involve shouting at her or leaving her to scream (niether of which are ideal)

Have recently been trying gradual withdrawl but she really has to be alseep before you can sneak out (which can take a while)

If you find an answer let us know

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