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Getting baby out my bed!

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Calmriver Wed 13-Jul-05 20:40:22

My precious little dd is almost 11 months old.
As much as I would love to keep her in our bed, she is getting too big!!!!!!
I am now trying to get her to stay in her cot, but she is such a light sleeper, and wakes up so many times.

How do I get her to sleep heavier?

People keep suggesting MEDISED, but I WONT use it!!!!!!!! It's just not natural!

Any ideas

bandbsmum Sat 16-Jul-05 20:57:54

White noise? Try having a radio on, but just out of tune and turned down low. Never tried it personally, but have heard others saying it works.

jenweber630 Mon 18-Jul-05 14:15:32

I use white noise and it works wonders with 7 month ds. Maybe try a sleep sack? Once the summer is over I'm going to get one for ds so he has something to help keep him settled without using a heavy blanket. On top of that, ds was used to sleeping with us and it took me nearly a month to get him comfortable sleeping in his own cot in his own room... Also, do you have a bedtime routine? Maybe change one thing about it at a time until it ends with you putting dd in her own cot? Just keep plugging away and it will eventually happen!

Chuffed Mon 18-Jul-05 15:05:56

Could you fit the cot in your room for a while so that she gets used to it and then move the cot out of the room when she sleeps through.

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