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7 month old still waking 4 times a night. Please help a very tired Mummy!

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moozoboozo Mon 11-Jul-05 09:02:01

Like the title said! I have tried CC, Pick Up/Put down, "Gradual Withdrawl" (Sounds like a form of contraception) and now I am thinking of sedation! I am so tired, he has never slept through the night. We have got his bedtime routine down to a fine art, but he has suddenly started to scream his little head off before going to sleep, which he never used to do.

Any suggestions? I need to sleep. I am going mad!

logic Mon 11-Jul-05 09:08:58

Try giving him a big bowl of cereal just before bedtime. We had the same problem with our ds up until we tried this at 9 months. We totally sympathise with the sleep deprivation! Anyway, the cereal trick worked for us and he started sleeping through. Good luck!

moozoboozo Mon 11-Jul-05 09:10:14

We have tried that, but the little bugger won't eat anything! He has about a mouthful and then screams as soon as the spoon comes near him.

koalabear Mon 11-Jul-05 09:22:43

what's your daily routine, including food and milk quantities?

how long has he been screaming?

logic Mon 11-Jul-05 09:34:17

Hmmm - have you got a nightlight in his room? You could try putting some soft toys in his cot so that if he does wake, then he has got something to do apart from scream. It's so hard isn't it? We still have to use CC occasionally too. It will get better as he gets older but that's no consolation now is it?!

moozoboozo Mon 11-Jul-05 09:37:31

Mmm. Might try the soft toys thing. I know he's probably waking out of habit ratherthan need, but its difficult to follow something through at 2 am when you just want to go to sleep. I stayed up until 1am this morning as I couldnt face going to bed

moozoboozo Mon 11-Jul-05 09:39:48

Foodwise, he is bf, so I can't quantify his milk intake, and he doesnt really eat his solids (Its not for want of trying on my part, believe me) He clamps his mouth shut and if he does have anything in his mouth, he just spits it out.

He has been screaming at night since day 1, but it has got really bad in the last 5 or 6 weeks.

koalabear Mon 11-Jul-05 09:44:55

ok, so on the presumption that he is taking as much milk as he needs, at 7 months here are some things that we tried - only suggestions, but perhaps they will help you too ...

1. needs more food - my son didn't like the spoon either, so i started him on finger food which he could put into his own mouth

2. teething - try Nelson's teetha powders - babies love them and they are homeopathic (boots has them)

3. bedtime routine - we had and have a distinct routine so DS know bed is approaching - bath, milk, book, cuddle, in bed whilst sleepy but still away, musical toy playing (about 30 seconds worth)

4. gas - I know, but sometimes the burps are slippery little suckers

5. separation - doesn't want you to leave, which is normal for around this age when they are becoming more aware (or so I was told) - try Richard Ferbers book "Solve your childs sleep problems" available on amazon - worked for us

good luck tired mummy!

CheekyGirl Tue 12-Jul-05 21:14:10

Hi Moozo, no advice but lots of sympathy!! My almost 7mth old ds is EXACTLY the same as yours!!!!!!!

mmmmyummyscummychocolate Tue 12-Jul-05 21:26:13

Is he in his own room?

jenweber630 Mon 18-Jul-05 14:24:44

Moozoboozo - LOTS of sympathy. Ds is 7 months old and still bfing and NOT consistently sleeping through the night. I think the most he typically sleeps at a stretch is 4-5 hours. I sort of don't know what to suggest except to keep working at the solid food because that's what's make the most difference with ds as far as sleeping longer. Just make mealtimes REALLY fun and eat off your fingers or favorite toys that he likes to mouth. My ds isn't having too many issues with food but I was a pediatric speech therapist before being a work at home mum and worked with lots of kids with feeding problems... The best advice I have is play with a little pressure you can muster with food and hopefully he will want to play along soon! Just keep plugging away - we'll all get more sleep soon - it can't last forever!!! (It's frankly nice to know that I'm not only one with a 7 month old who hates to sleep...)

jenweber630 Mon 18-Jul-05 14:26:36

Also, I know the ferber method works for some but have worked with people who tried it and ended up with MORE problems - I would suggest reading the baby whisperer and maybe a few others if you decide to read up on other methods of increasing sleep...

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