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Holiday sleep!!

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CheekyGirl Sun 10-Jul-05 21:14:52

Any ideas for 'blacking out' a holiday bedroom without spending too much money? We'll have 2 rooms to sort out this way. I don't mind some light getting in, but not total daylight at bedtime, iyswim.

Nemo1977 Sun 10-Jul-05 21:15:28

when we went away we put a spare blanket over the window in ds'room which worked well

toothyboy Sun 10-Jul-05 21:36:28

We used our beach towels!

dolally Sun 10-Jul-05 21:50:29

black bin bags attached with sellotape, have a good holiday!

CheekyGirl Tue 12-Jul-05 21:11:20

Lol, love the binbag idea!!!!!!!!!!

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