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Sleep crisis at 3 months

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Smilla Tue 05-Jul-05 14:28:00

Ds is 3.5 months old. He was gradually improving with his sleeping until 2 weeks ago. Back then he was consistently sleeping 6/7h without a feed (then waking 2 hourly). For the past 2 weeks his longest stretch has been 3/4h and then waking every 1/1.5h. I'm breastfeeding on demand and don't like the idea of leaving him to cry. Any advice?? I'm beginning to feel pretty shattered!

Tipex Tue 05-Jul-05 19:20:31

ooh smilla you could be me! DS is fully BF on demand and he started doing a lovely strecth from 7:30pm till 4-5am from about 7 weeks until 12 weeks. Then he started waking at 2am then added an 11pm feed also and before I knew it was every 3 hours day or night again. TBH hes now 20 weeks and hes only just starting to do the odd long stretch again and even then its only 4-5 hours on occasion. If I look back, I wish i'd perhaps tried to get him back to sleep without a breastfeed when he first started waking, maybe with the help of DH. I automatically used to offer him boob when he woke and naturally hed have a bit then drop off. Bad habit I think! Have you tried re settling him without a feed? It could be a growth spurt I guess but if he gets into the habit it'll be hard to break. How about trying to top him up well before he goes down for the night eg a feed at 5pm then a feed at 6pm then bed (or whatever time he goes down)

Good luck! sleep depriavtion is nasty isnt it?

ZoeC Tue 05-Jul-05 19:50:23

Ooh, same here. dd2 slept 7-1, then 7-2, then 7-3 a few times and even did 7-4 once around 9 weeks, then gradually brought it back to 7-1, now it's 7-11-3 and at the weekend she did 7-12-3-5-7.30 , all bf on demand. She's 16 weeks this week.

Came the closest I've come yet to trying formula at night but haven't yet. Just wish I had any idea if she'll ever start to improve again

I am now starting to try and disassociate feeding with sleeping a bit - daytime naps especially. When i go back to work I'll miss the 7pm feed so she'll have to rely on me less for comfort as i won't be available then.

Sorry that's no help.

Smilla Wed 06-Jul-05 10:50:56

Thanks for your messages-it's at least nice to know that I'm not the only one! Last night Ds slept 8-11pm and then until 2.50 after I'd given him a big feed. Then woke hourly but managed to pacify without a feed and he slept until 6.20! I think that I always just used to offer the breast to make sure that he'd go back to sleep but will try and get him to settle otherwise now. I've decided that I won't feed him less than 3 hourly. That's fair wnough isn't it??

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