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lavender, sleeopand a 12 week older

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codswallop Tue 10-Jun-03 10:07:20

both of the nights when his nibs has slept for 8 hrs have coincided with my use of body shop lavender baby creAM / room spray.
i am not relly very into herbal stuff but this is interesting.

any other experiences like this?

Bobsmum Tue 10-Jun-03 10:21:38

We always use the Body Shop sleep spray - don't know if that's what finally made the difference, but it's great for going away from home because we can make ds' travel cot smell at least at little familiar.
Have to confess at using the calgel teething stuff at times when ds is being grrrrrrr (and not teething)- I think the chamomile calms him down.

codswallop Tue 10-Jun-03 11:02:15

I think that is perfectly acceptab;e!!

Finbar Tue 10-Jun-03 13:52:05

Can you still get the Body Shop kids sleep spray? I used to love it but our local BS has stopped their children's range - is this B S wide?

codswallop Tue 10-Jun-03 14:10:06

ah finbar thats what I was given as a present. I feel a body shop party coming on....

princesspeahead Tue 10-Jun-03 15:24:44

some people swear that you should keep a lavender bag in a baby's moses basket - helps them sleep. so maybe there is something in it?

aloha Tue 10-Jun-03 15:45:51

Didn't work for me, sadly.

Gem13 Tue 10-Jun-03 16:17:26

DS (10 months) is a good sleeper (from the early days) and we have always used the J and J night time baby bath with lavender.

So, maybe! See how it goes after a week.

Bobsmum Tue 10-Jun-03 16:19:47

Little Green Earthlets also do their own version of a lavender sleep spray - more expensive but bigger bottle.
Contains borage which allegedly boosts courage in case of monsters under the bed - awwww

winnie1 Tue 10-Jun-03 16:31:55

Lavender is wonderful at aiding sleep IME but just one word of warning; too much and it can do the absolute opposite!

I really miss Earth Friendly baby products which I used all the time in the first year of ds's life but can't get hold of them now. Does anyone know if they are still available in the UK?

Bobsmum Tue 10-Jun-03 16:47:39

Winnie1 - Green Baby and Little Green Earthlets both sell Earth Friendly products (yummy stuff)
Other gorgeous smelly stuff from Spirit of Nature, Beaming Baby and Smilechild.
Can you tell I do too much internet shopping?

Boe Tue 10-Jun-03 18:10:37

Could ntop stop laughing when I read that you could get sleep spray - had great images of me spraying at child's face and them passing out into a deep sleep immediately - am still dreaming about it!!

bubbly Tue 10-Jun-03 18:54:14

We put lavender drops in the bath at bedtime - seems to calm us ALL down and makes the house smell yummy. Dont know if it is science though...

winnie1 Tue 10-Jun-03 19:42:24

Bobsmum... thats great, thanks.

Finbar Tue 10-Jun-03 20:51:14

Boe -- ROFL - I think there MUST be a market for your kind of sleep spray!

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