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Has anyone had success by paying a sleep therapist?

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Nelif Wed 06-Jan-10 15:30:11

Getting to the point where I think £200 spent speaking to a child sleep therapist may be very worthwhile!

Has anyone gone down this route and if so please tell me your story and who you used.

I have found 2 which seem very reputable - Andrea Grace and Chireal Shallow

My 18 month old little girl has never slept well, has only slept through a handful of times and it seems to be getting worse. She can get herself of to sleep herself but can't resettle if she wakes up!


poshtottie Wed 06-Jan-10 15:52:18

There was a thread regarding Chireal Shallow last year. Seemed to be mixed opinions/results.

poshtottie Wed 06-Jan-10 15:55:34

Have you looked at the Millpond sleep clinic website?

BlameItOnTheBogey Wed 06-Jan-10 16:02:46

I used a wonderful, wonderful woman who I found via a recommendation; address is We actually used their phone service which was at the time 80 pounds for three hour long phone calls. It took us about a week and a half to put their plan into place but we now have an 18 month old who reliably sleeps from 7pm to 0645 every day and has done for months. Best money I have ever spent.

emma2097 Tue 06-Apr-10 12:10:51

Message withdrawn

turkeyboots Tue 06-Apr-10 12:15:09

I used Chireal Shallow when my DD was 18m and up half the night, every night. She's lovely and reassuring, but it isn't rocket science and depending on how sleep deprived you are, you could do it yourselves if you read the "No cry sleep solution" book. But we were so sleep deprived we were making situation worse to allow one of us to get some sleep, so Chireal was a godsend.

turkeyboots Tue 06-Apr-10 12:16:25

Oh and DD still not the best at sleeping, but 9 out of 10 nights are peaceful (until DS came long anyway!)

emma2097 Tue 06-Apr-10 12:46:46

Hi Turkeyboots please could you email me over a testimonial? on the above address?

Would it be possible to have a quick chat with you?

Please call me on the above number and ill call you right back/


turkeyboots Wed 07-Apr-10 18:01:05

Sorry Emma. Happy to comment to other mums, don't want to get involved with TV production!

countryhousehotel Wed 07-Apr-10 18:06:26

Nelif another vote for - I have spoken to them and used their phone consultations a few times and they are always fantastic, I have always had the same woman on the phone (i think there are a couple of them) and she's really good, understanding, calm and reassuring. And their advice works. Money well spent in my opinion and you'll get away with spending a lot less than £200. Look at the website for options.

Jeva01 Wed 04-Aug-10 09:12:49

I used 2 sleep experts with my little girl, Chireal Shallow and Jo Tantum, I used Chireal first and whilst I found her very nice and loved the idea of her techniques I personally believe that my daughter was not old enough for them. Eva was up in the night 3 times and one of those times would be a 3 - 4 hr screaming episode and she would cry all day long and maybe only sleep for 20 - 30 mins... she was 8 months old. And at 8 months she didn't really find any comfort with me being in the room she just continues to scream. Chireal's techniques of gradual withdrawal are great but I don't think appropriate for the younger baby. Also as nice as she was she was pretty unreliable and didn't call back and would miss appointments, however I have to admit I also lost faith in the process after she advised me to get in the cot with her.. which I did, and found myself doing every night until Jo came. Jo stayed with me for 48 hrs and was fantastic - the best sleep expert I have spoken to, got me into a routine, didn't leave Eva to scream for hours on end and I felt she was a good halfway house for me. would highly recommend.

lisajok Wed 04-Aug-10 21:45:29

I had Jo Tantum as well .I had been recommended her by a neo-natal nurse and a breastfeeding expert .I really liked Jo's approach .My son was 9 weeks ,He was awake every hour !In 48 hours he was sleeping through with a dream feed.I then got Jo back when he was 5 months as he had been ill, and was waking alot.Within 24 hours he was sleeping through 12 hours!And has been ever since.
Jo was really in tune with my baby ,she reassured me ,and supported me after.And it really worked!I didn't want lots of crying and I didn't want to feel guilty. I honestly believe it is the best money I have ever spent on my son!!!

Warmbuddy Wed 24-Oct-12 00:01:34

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OneDayIWillSleepAgain Wed 24-Oct-12 12:50:42

I am interested in Jo Tantums services or sleepnannies. Do either of them advocate CIO? Thank you x

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