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is it bad idea giving dummy at 11 months?

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sasa15 Fri 24-Jun-05 21:38:40

I was thinking about giving ds 11months a dummy...I don't breasfeed and he sleeps ok but he sucks his teddy bear for nap and bedtime that is always wet and smelly....

I thought he might be better giving a

what do you think?

piglit Mon 27-Jun-05 10:23:32

If you can avoid giving him one then so much the better. We gave ds one at about 3 months because he just wouldn't settle. It worked a treat but I'd love it if he could settle himself without it. Although he doesn't always want it I do worry about the day we have to go cold turkey!

JELLYJELLY Sun 03-Jul-05 21:47:50

If you give him a dummy they normally will spit then out at night and when they need then theywill call on you meaning that you might have to get up several times, i would avoid it at all costs.

Have you also thought about getting another teddy then you can wash one and he might not relise.

DaddyCool Mon 04-Jul-05 09:02:14

following on with JELLYJELLY's comment, night time is a bit of a nightmare if your ds has a cold because he'll depend on the dummy for comfort but won't be able to breathe through his nose. the combination results in sleepless nights.

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