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stopping co-sleeping (with kids not partner !)

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lunachic Tue 21-Jun-05 10:58:05

i co sleep with my ds and dd (2 and 1) in a double with a cotbed pushed up to the side.
i know that gina ford would be horrified and some people dont agree with it but it was the easiest option when breastfeeding and constantly falling asleep whilst holding them ( i was so worried i would drop them )

my kids are contented happy and independant

i am worried about the anxiety for them stopping co sleeping - but i am sure they will adapt quickly
selfishly im more worried about me ! inevitably ill have some sleepless nights till they adjust but im more worried about getting used to fighting over the duvet with dp and missing being woken by baby smiles and cuddles .....

i feel that that co sleeping should stop before school( def before high school !)

so tips and experiences from other mners would be appreciated please

Tessiebear Tue 21-Jun-05 11:09:14

Is your DH in the bed as well???

lunachic Tue 21-Jun-05 11:20:19

hello tessiebear
no he chose to get a sofa bed when ds was 6 weeks cause he had to get up early and didnt like being woken up by crying-thats how it all started !
weve got another bed for us upstairs (loft) he sleeps in that and im still with kids- im getting shut of the double bed i share with the kids this weekend -we bought a superking size bed so getting used to sleeping together again wont be too bad dp is 6.4 as well and his feet always stick out)
and before anyone asks our relationship hasnt suffered too much (we still managed dd !)

suzywong Tue 21-Jun-05 11:23:45

cold turkey it's the only way
and the trick is to have dh a week in the co-sleeping bed so that the kids know you mean business. A week is all it will take.

FWIW, dh and I have only just got back in the same bed with a few months grace after 2 kids and 4 years. Worth the wait too.

lunachic Tue 21-Jun-05 11:30:06

dh in the co sleeping bed business ?
does this really work suzywong -why? or are you having me on !
how long did it take you all to adapt ?
i know i will have to be firm with them and lead them back to their own bed(prob many times) but i did want a large bed so we could all fit in if necessary!!

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