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6 months - too young for night terrors?

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thenameiwantedwastaken Wed 11-Nov-09 21:45:24

My DD, 6 months old, has always been a pretty good sleeper and has been sleeping through night for a couple of weeks. Lately, up to a bout an hour after I've put her to bed, she suddenly starts crying as though she has been startled. I rock her for a bit and she settles again, sometimes without even opening her eyes.

At first we thought it was the --inconsiderate so and so-- lovely neighbour in upstairs flat walking on her laminate floors in stilletos but it's happened a couple of times when said neighbour has been out.

Anyone know what this is about? Surely my little one is too young to have nightmares? (And what would they be about? - dry boobies?)

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