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Frequent nightmares

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MissMoopy Tue 10-Nov-09 22:53:42

I have posted about this before but I am exhausted and worried sick. My almost 5 year old dd has nightmares quite often. Over the last few days this has been every single night. She doesn't remember the dreams other than to say it was a bad dream and once she calms down she is happy and returns to sleep.
She is a happy, bright little girl and I am sure that she is not worried about anything as I have asked her many times and she talks freely if she is upset about anything.
I feel neurotic about it though and can't help worrying about it. Any advice etc please? Anyone else have or had children who have frequent nightmares?

sdr Wed 11-Nov-09 12:04:25

We went through a stage when DD started school. She loved going to school, but think the nightmares were related to the big upheaval in her life, even though it was positive, IYSWIM. Lasted a couple of weeks.

Perhaps a chat with your Health Visitor?

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