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11 month old baby wont sleep in his cot any more

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rachbecks Sat 07-Nov-09 10:26:31

PLEASE HELP! i have an 11 month old baby that will not sleep in his cot any more . He falls asleep dowm stairs then i take his up an about an hour later he wakes up and will not settle back down so we end up with him in our bed i try and put him down in his cot when he has droped of again but he wakes up please help thanks donna

MaximumNoisePollution Sat 07-Nov-09 10:32:53

I think you need to work on him falling asleep in his cot as falling asleep in one place and waking in another can be unsettling.

It will smell/sound/feel different when he enters a light sleep phase hence the waking up.

It also sounds like he relies on you to be able to fall asleep so again needs you to be able to resettle.

steffibabes Sat 07-Nov-09 20:43:55

Hi I am no expert on sleep matters but have you tried 'pick up, put down' (PUPD) by Baby Whisperer? If you haven't heard of it you put them in the cot when tired, pick them up when they cry, put them down when they calm down until they fall asleep.

This shows them that you won't allow them to cry themselves to sleep and that you are there for them when they need you but the cot is where they sleep.

It can take a few days for it to work and for the baby to go into cot and be happy there. I used it when I moved my DD from her Amby to her cot. I myself have done PUPD for an hour- it takes a bir of grit and determination. My friend who is well into the Baby Whisperer says its not that they cry, but that you are with them when they cry and so are not alone in the dark asking for Mummy.


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