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HELP!! 2.7 years and still not sleeping. (long, sorry)

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Detta Fri 17-Jun-05 12:01:34

My DS is 2 y 7 months and has never really been a good sleeper. We've had a few good nights over the past couple of years, but they really are few and far between. This week I've spent all day shouting at him and DD just cos I'm so knackered. DP works away a lot, so it's just me here a lot of the time. I can usually get DS to bed Ok, around 8 pm, and he's out for the count. But he'll wake any time between 11 and 3, wanting his pillow (found at the bottom of the bed) or his "clothy" (on the floor) or complaining that he needs to be tucked in, or needs a wee ..... and so it goes on. He usually goes straight back to sleep (but I don't unfortunately!). But he then wakes at anytime between 4 and 5.30 to start the day. ANY suggestions would be most appreciated. PS he sometimes has a daytime nap, but not always. Thanks very much in advance.

emily05 Sat 18-Jun-05 20:28:35

Detta. It is a nightmare isn't it! I havent't got much practical advice, but wanted to say you are not alone (my ds has just started playing up) and that hopefully somebody might have a bit of advice for you. Is he going out in the day to tire him out as such?

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