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5 month old a nightmare to get to sleep (but sleeps OK at night)

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mcflumpy Fri 06-Nov-09 16:31:15

Hi our 5 month old DD is very difficult to get to sleep and wondered if anyone could advise where we can start in helping her get to sleep without all the stress.

We have a bed time routine, bath, feed, cuddle, bed, starts around 6.15-6.30. Some nights it can take us nearly 2 hours to get her to sleep, which means she's not actually going down until 9.30pm. on the rare night so goes down with ease, she will be asleep by 7.30 and she generally always wakes around 7.30 am thus sleeping through, so thats not an issue. Once she's asleep its fine.

I used to feed her to sleep, she is now not having any of this, she'll feed, then when she's finished and had a cuddle will scream if we put her down or cuddle her. Rocking doesn't work, similarly, she'll just scream (this also used to work) so we now feel that we have to try a 'method' to get her to sleep easier.

Her daytime naps are always only 30 mins, first one of the day can sometimes be an hour. She used to go down with realtive ease for these but recently the issue has now started to manifest itself during the day and selfishly I really don't want to have to take her out 4 times a day in the p*ing rain just to get a nap. I really feel it would be better for all of us if she would go down in her cot.

I have read a little about pick up put down and have tentively tried it but she just screams every time I put her down, and it gets worse each time I put her down. She calms very quickly when picked up.

Can anyone explain how pick up put down actually works or what other methods would be worth investigating at this age?

Many thanks....

jasperc163 Fri 06-Nov-09 18:20:27

Will follow this with interest as have some similar problems with my 7 month old - see post re daytime naps!

Reesie Fri 06-Nov-09 20:05:32

My dd1 was exactly the same but nothing worked. Would walk her about in her buggy in the rain on many occassions. I would often drive her about in the car. I was obsessed with sleep, hers and mine (as well as being a nightmar to try and get to sleep, she would wake up hourly during the night...). She would also sleep 30 mins at a time for naps

Second time around some-one gave me a mei tai sling. Now, when dd2 is naggy and doesn't seem to want to go to sleep. I just pop her in on my back and carry on doing things such as housework etc and she is asleep really quickly. DD2 is aleady 20lbs but in the carrier she is so close to my body - I don't feel the weight at all. She is a very similar baby to dd1 with regards to sleep - I'm really relaxed now about it though.

Honestly get a mei tai sling - there's a good website that shows how to make one - if you know someone who is good with a sewing machine - it will only cost you tenner for the material. There are patterns online.

mcflumpy Fri 06-Nov-09 21:10:31

Jasper - interestingly our DD also has reflux, I know a few other mums of reflux babies and they all say their LO's will only nap for 30 mins, could just be conincidence.

Well we started PU/PD this afternoon, last nap of the day took 40 mins of wailing and then we left the room once she calmed down and she settled herself. Still only slept for 30 mins.

Tonight took 50 minutes but less pick ups and same we left room when she was awake and she settled herself (took 2 hours last night). It's very early days and has been quite traumatic as she cried A LOT and more than she usually would. However, I have NEVER been able to do the late afternoon nap at home ever, I've always had to take her out, even on days when I've tried to get her down for up to an hour I end up having to take her out.

I checked out the BW site for technique and both myself and DH found it very difficult to hear her cry so hard, but I really hope that this helps our DD to be able to be less fearful of going to sleep.

Reesie, thanks for the recommendation, I'm really trying to get her to settle in the cot, however, I may be back next week ordering a Mei tai!...

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