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Sleep pattern has all gone wrong! DS 2.5 yrs

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Chooster Fri 06-Nov-09 14:37:18

DS2 has always been a good sleeper, we had a lovely little routine - stories, lights out, milk and in cot awake. No problem, no issue. He'd even lie awake happily in the morning after waking. smile

And then we went on holiday 2 weeks ago....

Due to the lack of bed guards etc and a hard tile floor me and DS2 shared a double bed which DS1 and Dh shared the room with 2 single beds. On the whole it was great and if DS2 stirred in the night, I was on hand to pat his back etc...

And then we came home....

The first and second nights he screamed when going into his cot to the extent that he made himself sick. The third night I left him to cry as I needed to put DS1 to bed and DS2 undid his sleeping bag and climbd out his cot, so we've had to wave goodbye to the cot.

Now he's in a cot bed and wont sleep unless I lie with him, then he tends to be OK for the evening but regularly wakes and gets out of bed from midnight to 7am. Last night he was up 5 times and I just feel like I dont know what to do. He is so unsettled and is just not sleeping well so he's knackered most days but at the same time a bit hyper. The nursery have noticed a difference in that he's quieter and cries quite a lot. Is this tiredness, seperation anxiety????

So, any ideas... Anything I can try as I just can't see this getting better. Each time he gets up I put him back to bed and he goes back to sleep quite quick, but he's up again about an hour later.


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