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6 mo early waking Please Help

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HeidiT Fri 06-Nov-09 06:17:30

My 6 mo ds used to be a great sleeper. Now she is waking up at 4:30am every morning and I cant get her back to sleep.

She goes to bed at 6:30am and used to wake at 6am - 7am.

She has all her feeds in the day and has good naps in the day so i'm not sure what went wrong.

She wakes at 4:30 chattering and this turns into crying like she is trying to get back to sleep but cant.

I dont want to get her into any bad habits like feeding etc so not sure what to do.

We are both up now cos I didnt know what to do and just ended up in tears myself.

Please help it is such a shock to the system when they used to be such good sleepers.



yawningmonster Fri 06-Nov-09 06:34:26

Hi Heidi, my dd has never been much of a sleeper to start with and does not go through the night without a feed. She did used to settle after her 4ish feed though and like your dd hasn't been lately. On the plus side she is back in bed for a nap by 7 and up in time to take ds where he needs to go. I am personally putting it down to teething and going with the flow. I feed her as that comforts her and I much more likely to settle her that way but I wait until she asks for it iykwim. Could teeth be the issue for your dd? How do you settle her down at night, could you mimic this at 4.30?

yousaidit Fri 06-Nov-09 06:38:57

hi heidi,

touch would my dc's haven't had this prooblem, much, so i'm not recommending anything from experience (and my brothers dc's can every now and again still make at 5! and they are six!! she has a very clean house! grin )

there is that metthod where a about an hour or two (someone will probably know more about this than me) you wake them up. Not wide awake, but rouse them out of deep sleep then let them go back to sleep, and by interrupting the deep sleep it means they have gone 'back' in to deep sleep when the would usually wake up. so, it means you waking up but this would be more like the middle of the night and hopefully for about ten mins?

yousaidit Fri 06-Nov-09 06:39:34

Touch would????? wtf??? i meant 'touch wood', obviously blush

Knickers0nMaHead Fri 06-Nov-09 06:48:18

maybe try a little later bedtime. It is just probably down to teething so put some anbesol on her gums when she wakes, then go through what you do at bedtime. I wouldnt suggest waking her to interupt her deep sleep though. Never wake a sleeping baby wink

yousaidit Fri 06-Nov-09 06:51:37

Good thinking, knickers...

my baby days are a bit behind me!!! smile

Knickers0nMaHead Fri 06-Nov-09 07:01:46

i have only just got ds to start sleeping properly and he has just turned one shock I know that if i tried doing that, he would wake up properly!

naughtymummy Fri 06-Nov-09 07:02:18

You have my total sympathy it is truly soul destroying. Can you tell us a little bit about her daytime sleep/ routine. I have struggled with ds early morinings for 5 a bit better now (usually makes it to after 6)

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