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Daytime naps (again)

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AreAnyNamesAvailable Thu 05-Nov-09 14:29:44

First time poster here! Seems this issue has been done to death, but I have the opposite problem to most posters. My ds is 2months and always goes to sleep at night without a dummy, sleeps well, 10 hours waking twice for a feed and sometimes another time for comfort. During the day, however, he gets really tired for a nap but wont settle without the dummy unless he is being pushed in the pram and as soon as I stop walking he wakes up. The problem is that every time the dummy falls out he screams and cannot settle himself so is not getting a good stretch of nap time. I know I should be happy that he sleeps at night but just think he would be more contented during the day if he were getting proper naps. How do I get rid of the dummy for these? Thanks.

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