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DS fell out of bed last night and didn't even wake up

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dinny Thu 16-Jun-05 21:19:04

He's 9 months old and was asleep in our bed - I woke up to see him slithering over the edge. He managed to amazingly land on a pillow lying on the floor. Picked him up and he had a feedf in his sleep and then went back to bed. Feel really guilty and like a bad mummy. Think our co-sleeping days are over

zebraZ Thu 16-Jun-05 21:20:22

get a bedrail?

dinny Thu 16-Jun-05 21:22:54

should have already, Zebfra - have been having the horrors all day thinking of broken necks
think dh will object to bedrail and he wants to evict ds anyway

zebraZ Fri 17-Jun-05 18:31:46

My babies have all fallen off of beds... a few times each. No long-term damage yet. Bedrail is useful when they go to a single bed, too.

tortoiseshell Fri 17-Jun-05 18:41:45

Word of warning about bed rails - my ds at 6 months managed to use the bed rail to pull himself up on, then somersaulted over the top, therefore falling much further and harder than if he'd simply rolled off the bed! The bed rail was hastily put away!

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