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sleep for a 2.6 year old sharing with older brother

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mummag Thu 05-Nov-09 13:18:02

I am out of ideas and energy. I have three kids. ds1,7 dd5 and ds2, 2.6. The boys share a room, well in theory, but the younger one will not sleep in his bed. I need words of wisdom how best to achieve this, i managed with the older two because there was noone else in the bedroom trying to sleep through the screaming and crying. At the moment we are putting older two to bed between 7-8 and the little one is up late, often falls asleep on sofa and then wakes and cries when i put him to bed. Other times he is awake till stupid o'clock and is exhausted and grumpy the next day. I tire him out every day (and myself). When i do get him to his bed he cries and screams hysterically and I then end up sleeing next to him. I know this is rubbish and he seems to only be able to sleep when i am next to him. If i get up and creep out in the middle of the night he seems to have some kind of weird senser and realises straight away and cries. I am not able to do controlled crying as this would disturb ds1 but am out of ideas and would appreciate hearing how other people got round this room sharing difficulty. Sorry for the ramble any help appreciated. Thanks

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