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Experience co-sleeping in a hot climate?

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phdlife Wed 04-Nov-09 20:32:01

Dd is 6m, still feeds once about 3am and sometimes again about 6, then will sleep often as long as ds lets us. IF she's warm. She is a strange child who positively likes to be hot - has always ferreted herself as deep into my armpit as her large sweaty head can get which interferes with my sleep, not just because I'm hot but because I'm scared shitless of her overheating.

Now summer's coming on, the warm nights are starting, and I'm not sure how to handle it? Last night she was in just a short-sleeved vest, with the windows open and a muslin over her legs (cool enough for dh to wear a summer-weight quilt and me to want a flannelette sheet). When she came in at 3am her skin was chilly and she snuggled up. But an hour later I was too hot and found the back of her neck slick with sweat. It scared me right awake.

Anyone found a way to make it work? Or do I just have to give up co-sleeping with her altogether?

Biobytes Wed 04-Nov-09 20:37:09

TBH, I'm sure that many children of that age, in warmer regions of this planet, sleep at temperatures where the only reason to cover yourself with anything is to protect you from mosquitos.

I'm sure they cope fine, believe me, you only start putting wet compresses to cool the children if the temperature keeps them awake (and that's probably 30degrees + in the middle of the night).

phdlife Wed 04-Nov-09 20:52:46

thanks biobytes. the very small logical part of my brain agrees with you. the very large, deeply addled, sleep-deprived and hormonal bits have, however, are being tormented by the doom-saying SIDs ghoul. And my "it's terribly dangerous to let babies overheat, you know" mother.

foxytocin Thu 05-Nov-09 23:56:23

put on a fan and snuggle under a light blanket with her? I lived in the tropics. people bedshare and roomshare a lot with small babies, they are fine as long as they are climatised.

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