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Any recommendations for sleep/new sibling books?

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PavlovtheForgetfulCat Wed 04-Nov-09 19:09:27

DD has had an enormous upheaval with us having major building works, and me being pregnant, and unwell etc.

Anyway, after a long long time, she is finally in her own room, in the loft, and new baby is due any time.

Naturally she is unsettled. She is perfectly happy, but her sleep has gone to shite, understandably. But we are at a loss as to how to manage it with sensitivity but with some firmness, what with wanting to recognise her being unsettled, but not wanting her to take the rise so to speak.

Prior to the building works, her sleep was probably like 7:30/8pm to 6:30am/7am ish, sometimes earlier to sleep, sometimes later getting up.

While building work went on, and she was with us, going to sleep was mostly ok, but woke at 5-6am.

Now, she goes to sleep at 9pm and wakes any time from 5am onwards.

She is clearly tired and on occasion falls asleep in the day, which makes settling at night harder, plus the added excitement of her toys available in her new room.

Any book recommendations that look at arrivals of new sibling and sleep patterns, or how to re-establish sleep patterns after/during upheavals would be appreciated.

AlaskaNebraska Wed 04-Nov-09 20:02:30


Lionstar Wed 04-Nov-09 20:08:00

Can't help with the sleeping - we don't have a great track record here, especially now DS 5 weeks has arrived <yawn>

However DD loved this book about expecting a baby, plus this one about the new arrival. They have lovely pictures and no words so you can have your own discussion about it.

Lionstar Wed 04-Nov-09 20:10:20

Sorry, should also have added my sympathies about her sleep, and best wishes for your pregnancy.

Also have realised you wanted a book about sleep patterns, not a toddler book about babies blush

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Thu 05-Nov-09 13:32:32

No need to blush I think those books, in particular the one about the baby's arrival is great, I shall go buy it. We have There Is A House Inside My Mummy, which DD loves, and more will be good, like the idea of no words so we can talk about it ourselves.

She was much better yesterday/this morning in fact, she went to sleep at 8:30pm, and did not come into our room until 6:45am. Not sure how long she had been awake for playing with her toys first as she brought down her etcha sketch thingy to show me a drawing hmm and was very crabby by 11am and napped in the car, so still very tired, but its in the right direction smile.

Also, we both have coughs, mine hurts a bit, so if she has the same bug as me, which is likely, I would not be surprised if she has been feeling a bit crap at night.

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