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15 month old awake for3 hours in night

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jocie Wed 04-Nov-09 12:26:03

hi, my ds2 has never slept through properly, in his 15months i think he gone through to 6ish about 3 timessad We stopped night bf at about 9 months but still have 1 firts thing in morn. He was in with us till last week as we only have 2 beds and as he was such a bad sleeper didn't wnat to put him in with ds1(nearly 4) as he generally sleeps well. Ds2 quite often wakes any time betweeen 2 - 4 and then is awake for up tp 3 hours. We have tried sooo many things we coslept for a while but he just wriggles and wriggles. Am hesitent to try cc as fear it will disturb ds1 and not sure it would work anyway as he can get himself to sleep when he goes to bed at 7.
he woke at 1.30/2 last night( i had only just got to sleep as ds1 had woken earlier)and then refused to sleep until 5/5.30. so i got bout 2/3hrs sleepsad. he's not always as bad as tis but its usually at least an hour but usually 2. depending on when he woke and goes back to sleep sometimes my days start at 4 as i can' get back to sleep if its 6ish as i have to be up at 7 for ds1.
i also can't spend too long rocking him/ leanin over cot as i have a back and hip problems. Hubby does his best but gets bad migrains if he is tired.
Any one got any suggestions as am soooooo sleep deprived.

posieparker Wed 04-Nov-09 12:29:52

There are 'kinder' methods than controlled crying but something along those lines is what your dc needs. Summon up some strength and get reading about a method that you would be comfortable with.

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