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How much sleep should 8 week old have in 24 hours?

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roslily Tue 03-Nov-09 13:43:31

Just wondering really. I don't try and get him down at any particular time, we have no sort of routine or anything! But I think he does get overtired sometimes and he really fights sleep (he is very nosey, think he doens't want to miss out!)

Anyway he goes down to bed at 7pm ish, sleeps til midnight, then 3am, 5/6am, then sometimes 8/9am.

Then he normally sleeps a couple of hours after that, and so on. Basically I try not to let him be awake for more than two hours is he starts rubbing his eyes I try and get him to sleep.

Today he only managed an hour awake after his mamaoth 3 hour nap this morning.

DOes this sound right?

DrCosyTiger Tue 03-Nov-09 19:57:37

Hi Roslily, it sounds very normal to me. If anything at 8 weeks I think 2 hours sounds a bit long for an 8 wk old to be awake and happy. The link below might help a bit. I know at 8 wks my DD wouldn't have been able to manage 2 hours without getting over tired. She only manages about 2.5 hours now at 7 months. Of course the difficulty is trying to get them to nap when you know they are tired. I am just starting to have more success with DD and naps but it's been a long hard road ...

roslily Tue 03-Nov-09 20:55:30

That is brilliant. A very helpful article. I will try and get him down more often for sleep!

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