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Been up all night! Literally! :(

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mrsflux Tue 03-Nov-09 06:09:45

My poor DS has an ear infection so is on the banana antibiotics. We've had very little sleep as in the last 2 weeks he has cut his first 2 teeth and begun to crawl! Now this. I went to sleep at 930 and woke yo him screaming at 1230. It's now 6 and I've had no sleep. He will only sleep on me and so I've been on the sofa wide awake!
Please someone give me some words of wisdom or a hug before I drop down dead of exhaustion!

eandh Tue 03-Nov-09 06:14:17

no words of wisdom but huge sympathy from me (dd1 whi si 5 been up since 3.45 complaining that it feels like someone is sitting on her legs and arms and her throat is scratchy plus sky high temperature so no school for her today)

mrsflux Tue 03-Nov-09 06:30:14

It's so hard seeing them in pain and being helpless and exgausted! Hugs to you and dd!

abdnhiker Tue 03-Nov-09 07:32:02

I can offer hugs. Do you have someone who can help out today? If nothing else, just to keep you company while you stumble through?

mrsflux Tue 03-Nov-09 09:30:49

Abdnhiker- no nobody lives nearby who isn't at work. I'm hoping he'll have longer sleeps and I can catch up then. He has woken up in a happy mood though!

Mezley Tue 03-Nov-09 09:53:17

I don't have a sick child, but have been up most of the night with a crying fretful baby. She is now sleepikng peacefully but now I am crying anf fretful. Sigh... I know it gets easier. Much sympathy MrsFlux. Try and have a good rest yoursefl today if you can and I hope you have a better night.

Mezley Tue 03-Nov-09 09:54:00

Sorry about rubbish spelling - just shows how bloomin tired I am

countrylover Tue 03-Nov-09 13:07:56

you have my utmost sympathy - DS1 woke up at 1am last friday morning and then threw up for the next eight hours. i had been asleep for one hour before this happened.

i was in pieces by 8am and although i've never done this before, i called my mum and got her to come over as i have 6 month old DS2 and i didn't think i'd get through the day.

i felt bad asking for help and now i feel even worse as mum came down with it on sunday too.

but just to let you know you are not alone but within a matter of days life will be back to normal.

mrsflux Tue 03-Nov-09 14:30:14

thanks ladies!

i'm just hoping that the banana antibiotics work soon! oh and i'm now also stressing about how to wash the bright yellow stuff out of all our clothes!
seriously it looks like i've been feeding him yellow highlighters! grin

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