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Moving from cot to bed = nightmare. HELP!

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sleepychunky Mon 02-Nov-09 06:51:47

OK, set the scene briefly: I'm 35 weeks pg and we need to move DS 2.5 into his new room and get settled before arrival of DS2. We've been showing him the new room, getting him to help choose things, put decorations on walls etc. and had him fully involved in the process. Yesterday lunchtime he asked to sleep in his new big bed for a nap, which he did perfectly. Until now he's been in a cotbed with the bars still on, and we're using this for the new arrival so his new bed is a standard single bed, which he can obviously get out of
Last night, he was desperate to get in there at bedtime but it all went downhill from there. He stayed still for 10 minutes, then got out and opened the door and cried for us (we've put a stairgate across the door so he can't actually get out of the bedroom). After 2.5 hours of us taking it in turns to put him back in the bed, tell him it was time to sleep, this is his new bed now etc., he finally went to sleep with DH sitting next to him and holding his hand.
Perfectly quiet until 2am (when I was lying awake not able to get back to sleep), then we heard the door open and a little voice call for mummy. DH then went into the room and has spent the rest of the night in the bed with him - I doubt either of them has slept much because DS is over 6 feet and snores, and DS just lies awake trying to talk to us.
We need to do this again tonight - I'm really tired because of being pg and a light sleeper anyway. What can we do differently to make it better? Is is just a matter of time and being consistent? How do we stop DS from getting out of bed (he's never been able to in the past because of the cotbed bars)? Do we keep going up to him if he gets out of bed? Should DH continue sleeping with him (we've never done that before except on v.rare occasions when ill).
We've got until Saturday to make this work - DH is back on night shifts then and I can't sleep in the same bed as DS.
Anything you think we did wrong/can suggest we try tonight? Please help!

sleepychunky Mon 02-Nov-09 10:18:37

bump - now more people are up, maybe someone has got some tips!
Thanks smile

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