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13mo still not quite managing to sleep thru

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titferbrains Sun 01-Nov-09 12:12:23

DD is generally doing ok with sleep but still has more nights when she wakes than not.

SHe had a cold recently and I got back into the habit of giving her a cuddle in rocking chair when she woke till she was sleepy then putting her down.

Of course I don't want to do this any more and this morning when she woke at 5.20 I only held her for a minute then put her down and walked out. She started screaming and didn't settle for another 45 min. She screamed on and off for about 30 min then started quieting down. I just want her to realise she has go back to sleep on her own. If she wakes early again tmw, is it really mean of me to do the same as Idid this morning or should I try a pick up put down, controlled crying approach ie go in and reassure her every 5 min? She goes down like a dream and has a 2 or 21/2 hr nap everyday before lunch. SHe is just used to me coming in to comfort her at night and I'd like to stop having to do this.

How do you get around indulging them when they have a cold and then getting back to their old ways? I was picking her up because she was bunged up and being upright seemed to clear it. I would also let her sniff some Vicks to clear her nose a bit.

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