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Daytime sleep routine at 7 months

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shish Fri 30-Oct-09 15:25:45

My 7 month old ds2 just can't seem to find a rythm for his daytime naps. Just when you think he's gona be a little bit predictable - it all goes out of the window!

Do your 7 month olds have a routine in the day yet??

strawberrie Fri 30-Oct-09 20:20:27

I've got at 6.5 month old DD, and she had quite a nice little pattern but a combo of starting weaning, and growing up a little bit has knocked us off, so we're in a bit of flux too.

She wakes around 7.30 am, and is usually back down around 9.30 for 45 mins to 1 hour. After that it goes pearshaped; she might sleep around 12.30, or sometimes not until 2 pm.

I'm finding if her lunchtime sleep is later, there's not enough 'time' for her to have a late afternoon nap and so she's cranky and knackered by say 5.30 and so not interested in dinner and doesn't enjoy bath& bed time.

Ideally she'll sleep at lunchtime and then again at 3.30/4 pm but I don't always manage that, and she definitely doesn't sleep as well in her pushchair as she did in the carrycot.

iwantitnow Fri 30-Oct-09 20:45:09

7 month DS wakes any time between 6-7am, naps at 9.30am after I am back from pre-school for 45mins - 1.5hours (usually depends on the night). He then sleeps again at 1.30pm for 1.5-2hours I am never back from collecting DD from pre-school until 12.45pm and I find that having a nap at 1.30pm then allows him to last until bedtime. He gave up his 4pm third nap at just before 7 months.

It all goes up the spout if he doesn't sleep in his cot but in the buggy.

shish Sat 31-Oct-09 20:56:22

He has the night bed time sorted and has had for a very long time - it's just the in-between that's all gone a bit wrong. I'm hoping he will settle down into 2 predictable naps soon wink

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