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Help with getting my 3.5 yr old son to stay in bed!!

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ZoeLC Thu 29-Oct-09 13:05:47

Hi all,
could really do with some advice.
My lovely (during the day) son has always slept really well.
Went from cot to bed fine and still settles well when first put to bed. However....
Often needs a wee about midnight and has to come and get me to take him, goes back to bed fine then by 4am is up and awake and wants cuddles, next time needs to see me, next time is hungry, next time needs another wee (nothing comes out!) this continues until 6am (which is my get up time for work!)

Have thought about the clocks that tell them when they can get up etc but what if he needs a wee? I can't really stop him leaving the room then? He has a stair gate on his door but can open it....

Husband doesn't let him in our bed during the night as he talks and wriggles too much!

Any ideas?

Thanks for any advice

Very sleepy Zoe x

iwouldgoouttonight Thu 29-Oct-09 13:17:41

DS started doing this (not because he wanted a wee, he just wanted to see us!) when I was pregnant with DD - it was exhausting. We did the sticker/reward chart thing and it worked in five days (which I was very amazed about because stickers/rewards haven't worked with anything else!)

I made a chart and stuck pictures of all his favourite characters on it and said he could have a sticker in the morning if he didn't get out of bed or shout for me in the night until we went in to him. Then when he had got five stickers (five days) he would get a present. As I said this is the first and only time a sticker chart has had any effect so it may or may not work for your DS!

Could you leave a potty in his room in case he needs a wee in the night, or is he too old for that (mine is a bit younger).

ZoeLC Thu 29-Oct-09 14:21:06

Thank you, Will try a star chart - it worked on a shouting issue we had recently!!

Not sure about Potty in his room as think he'd wake me to empty it grin
He's able to use the loo by himself just prefers my company.....bless him!!

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