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Dummy Rehab....1 year old.

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hayleybop Thu 29-Oct-09 11:35:30

Hello all who are interested. To night I am going to ditch the fricking dummy as i am sick of getting up in the night to pop it back in. DD1 never had a dummy and was sleeping through as soon as I stopped feeding her in the night. I have now stopped BF with DD2 and tonight is the night I send her to dummy rehab....Going to be tough but i have to do it to get a good nights the end...
Watch this space.
Anyone who has ditched it at at around 1 year ols is welcome to give me some support.

Poohbearsmom Fri 30-Oct-09 01:12:15

Could never get mine to take a dummy and believe me i tried... But im my 18 month olds human dummy and i too need to sleep again... So iv bn weaning him off his night time comfort milk for the last few days and he ant impressed but gota b done... Good luck to u hope it goes well for ye

tostaky Mon 02-Nov-09 09:46:04

So ? how did it go?
any space at the rehab for my DS? wink

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