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My 4 month old sleeps through the night but my three year old doesn't!

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roseability Wed 28-Oct-09 22:29:52

I know I should count my lucky stars that at least one of them sleeps well but as much as I love my DS I am mildly resentful that after three years I still can't get him to sleep through the night when my DD does at only 4 months.

Why are they so different? They have been treated the same with the same sleep routines etc.

My DS is up every night either sleep walking, dreaming or wanting a drink. My DD has slept through every night since 12 weeks (and when I say slept through I mean 12-14 hours!).

kcartyparty Wed 28-Oct-09 23:02:45

Boys are more likely to get up through the night. Nothing you can do about sleepwalking though!

My DS1 sleptwalked unitl he was 6yrs old.

My DS2 woke through the night to get in my bed until he was 8 yrs old!!

Each child is so different. As are we all.

I am a light sleeper. I also do not need a lot of sleep. Can go to bed at 3am and get up at 7am. My father is the same.

I am guessing my DS2 has the same gene.

Your DS will grow out of it. Maybe a warm bedtime drink, a healthy snack and a story. Maybe put him to bed a little bit later than usual!

Poohbearsmom Wed 28-Oct-09 23:06:18

Wow ur little one is fantastic 12-14hrs!! My goodness well done! But beware it may not last... I had a friend whos dd slept thru n her cot untill 7months old then spent a wk wakin half hourly untill eventually her parents ended up co sleeping wit her and still do... Shes now 3... Has ur little boy gotten worse n the last 4 months or towards the end of ur preg?? My ds1 had night terrors/bad dreams for the 1st few months after ds2 was born but thank god 'out grew' it... Is ur ds in his own room? Wud it b possible to hav him n ur rm to help put him at ease mayb, then he might relax and start to sleep well??

SCARYspicemonster Wed 28-Oct-09 23:07:18

Neither does mine. I am convinced it is my parents' revenge for being such a shite sleeper when I was little. Apparently I used to sit outside their bedroom door singing Happy Birthday. You'll never guess what my DS started doing at 4am on Sunday morning ...

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