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Nap time clashes with activities - anything I should/could do?

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jumpjockey Tue 27-Oct-09 07:59:23

DD is nearly 11 months and has finally settled into a fairly regular nap routine if we're at home - goes down at about 9.30 for an hour and a half, and another one from about 2.30-3 for an hour or so. The fact she sleeps so long in the morning makes me think she definitely needs the nap, and if I wake her earlier she grumbles a lot. She'll nap in the pushchair if I take her out at those times, but only for 45 mins rather than 1.5 hours.

Unfortunately all the toddler groups round here start at 10 or 10.30, so we have the choice of her getting her nap, or getting to socialise with other babies. She's at the age where she really really loves being with other children, but if she's not had her sleep she's in a grotty mood. Plus she starts nursery soon and in a couple of months they'll be wanting her on a one nap after lunchtime routine.

Is there any way I can get her to nap at a different time or should I just let her carry on as she is? I'm obviously loathe to break a routin e that's taken her so long to get into! Equally though we do both get a bit stir crazy if we don't get out to see other nippers.

ChairmumMiaow Tue 27-Oct-09 08:10:23

MY DS was always a poor napper so I can't help there but I'd be a bit concerned if your nursery expects a baby to nap when they want it rather than when the baby is ready for it!

Tillyscoutsmum Tue 27-Oct-09 08:18:57

Its a tough call and its really a personal choice. Some people are more of a slave to the naps and their social life suffers a bit - others prioritise socialising and risk a grumpy/tired child as a consequence. Some lucky buggers have dc's that just sleep anytime/anywhere and they don't have to worry about such things envy

I know a lot of people find their dc's start to edge towards one longer nap at around 12/13 months and once that's in place, its obviously much easier to get out and about for a couple of hours before and after naps.

You could either try and force the issue by being out and about in the morning so dd only has 45 mins and then bring the afternoon one forward to straight after lunch and hope that gradually lengthens until it gets to the point she can drop the morning one completely.

Alternatively, could you go to the groups just for the last hour or so when dd wakes up after her morning nap ? Or are there any local mums who you could arrange to have round for a late afternoon coffee/lunch to give you and dd chance to socialise. I know for most people the couple of hours from late afternoon until tea time drag horribly and they'd probably be happy for some distraction

LoveBeingAMummy Tue 27-Oct-09 08:40:40

With my DD I have woken her up early or even missed the nap and then just put her down as soon as we get home. Looking at the times she'll be able to have about an hours nap in the morning if its a 10:30 start. Its really just a case of having a go and seeing what happens. It will also depend on what sort of night she has had. The other mums will probably have to do the same thing so don't worry about it f she gets so bad you have to go home. smile

jumpjockey Tue 27-Oct-09 08:43:27

chairmum - I've made it sound worse than it is, she starts in the baby room where it's up to them when they sleep and by the time they move up to the toddler room they're being encouraged towards the 1 nap a day thing but can still have a morning one if they need.

tilly - we have done the turning up late thing a few times! I guess now that she's better at night I'd be more willing to shorten her morning sleep and get her more activity - the other downside to being at home is that she doesn't get to run around big church halls and work off some energy! Late afternoon we try to go to the park for fresh air if we've not been out much in the day though that may have to stop now that "the nights are drawing in" wink

latestincarnation Tue 27-Oct-09 08:46:13

I have ended up missing the activities in the morning - my ds is hysterical if he gets too tired, and it was not worth the stress of rushing out - sometimes he is asleep earlier and we get to go, but often not. I try really hard to get out in the afternoon every day instead. He is still having 2 naps at nursery (he is 12mths) and they know to let him - he is either gorgeously happy and smiley or if denied sleep horrendously upset.

This too shall pass

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