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Night Milk HELP!

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picon Mon 26-Oct-09 18:14:25

I need advice - I live in France and have a six month old who won't sleep for longer than 3 hours a night - after midnight he sleep for about 2 hours. He only gets back to sleep if I BF him. Last night he woke up every hour.
Our doc here recommended Night Milk ( called Bon Nuit) - we brought some organice Hipp stuff - its got rice and cereals in it. I have been told but others not to give food in a bottle - but I'm sort of at the end of my tether here and don't know if he should try it at his 10pm feed tonight. Someone suggested BF him and then give him a little of the Night milk.
But am I making a rod to break my back? - Is it just teething - in which case should I just ride it out - or should I try and not feed him when he wakes?
I need advice as my instinct is not use this Night Milk but I am so tired and curious to see if it works...

Seona1973 Mon 26-Oct-09 18:18:21

it sounds like a sleeping issue rather than a feeding one i.e. if he feeds to sleep then that is what he expects each time he wakes in the night. I wouldnt expect the night milk to make much difference as I imagine your lo isnt waking through hunger but for comfort.

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