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When to change from a sleeping bag to a quilt

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flossythesheep Tue 14-Jun-05 18:41:24

my 18mth has slept in a slepping bag from an early age and to this day loves it. I know that at some stage he will need to transfer a)into a bed and b) start sleeping with a quilt. Has anybody out there been through this and if so what was the time frame and method?

weesaidie Tue 14-Jun-05 19:12:56

I have no idea to be honest but am beginning to wonder that myself!

I think people say that once your wee one starts climbing out the cot it is probably time for a bed but I am not sure about the sleeping bag.

janeybops Tue 14-Jun-05 19:27:02

I seem to remember getting a quilt at the same (ish) time as mving into a bed with dd. Planned to do the same with ds somethime between 2 and 2 and half.

NannyJo Tue 14-Jun-05 19:28:23

if they enjoy the bag then why move out of it??

I'd use one myself if they made them in adult sizes!

pesme Tue 14-Jun-05 19:29:35

HI, i have been wondering the same thing. dd is 17 months. i thought it might be good to change to a quilt or blanket now while it is abit warmer. will be watching this thread for some good advice.

pesme Tue 14-Jun-05 19:30:17

lol nannyjo, maybe you are right. i will start looking round for adult ones!

anchovies Tue 14-Jun-05 19:30:24

I tried ds (18 months) with a duvet a few weeks back but no luck. He sat up in his cot saying wow until eventually I gave up and put him back in his sleeping bag. Am going to leave it til he moves to a bed I think.

oooggs Tue 14-Jun-05 19:59:32

Good question DS now 18mths and I have just bought the next size grobags (18-36mths) as I don't think he nor I am ready for the change

Probably do it when changing to a bed.

chicagomum Tue 14-Jun-05 20:04:59

kept dd in them and in a cot until 3 (only moved her as we were expecting ds and needed the space) she never tried to climb out of the cot though (when asked why she didn't try she said she could fall and hurt herself!!!!) i thimk as long as they are happy (and your not trying to potty train them) leave it for as long as possible

michellemcmanus Tue 14-Jun-05 20:05:16

when they go in a bed

flossythesheep Tue 14-Jun-05 21:15:39

ok but when is best to try with a bed? most say when they try to climb out of the cot, however, with the growbag they cannot climb out.

Hulababy Tue 14-Jun-05 21:25:22

We changed DD over from a sleeping bag to a quilt when she went into a toddller bed, aged 18 months. It was part of the "my big girl's bed" thing for her, and she got on really well with it all too.

larlylou Tue 14-Jun-05 21:54:02

My ds is 27 months and is still in his sleeping bags...he loves them and are kind of a comforter to him too. He knows once he is in his bag its sleep time. He is still in his cotbed (with sides up) and as yet hasn't shown any signs of trying to get out of his bag or cot so at the moment I am just leaving him be and will introduce a new duvet with a cover that he's chosen when he goes into his 'big bed' (which I can't envisage happening until much later in the year). If he's happy as he is then I am!!

cod Tue 14-Jun-05 21:54:03

Message withdrawn

snafu Tue 14-Jun-05 21:54:57

mystic cod

Enid Tue 14-Jun-05 21:56:16

dd2 changed to a quilt quite early as she hated grobags.

but she is still inher cot at 31 months - we don't have room for abed until extension is finished - she hates the idea of a 'big girls bed' but I have suddenly gone off her being in a cot so she is getting a bed as soon as her room is finished.

If he is happy with grobag/cot just leave him.

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