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16 month DD started waking in night

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Stokey38 Mon 26-Oct-09 11:21:38

I hope you can help. My 16 month old DD has woken up for the past week at about midnight really crying and then not going back to sleep for at least a few hours. We have tried cuddling her (which usually works and then she will go straight back to sleep) letting her crying it out (lasted for an hour last night) calpol, bonjela, water, changing her nappy and none of this seems to work. The only thing that has worked is bringing her in to bed which I really try to avoid doing but when we both have to work the next day and still awake at 3am will try anything! Any ideas what it might be? Am sure it's probably teething again but not sure how to handle the situation and now very, very tired! Thank you.

Orissiah Mon 26-Oct-09 15:06:46

My LO is the same age and going through the same thing. I'm also putting it down to teething and just hoping it won't last long. She sleeps so well (7-7) and so deeply usually so I am hoping this is just a blip and chanting "This too shall pass" when I hear her cry in the night.

Sorry for not being much help :-(

porcamiseria Wed 28-Oct-09 10:34:43

My 19 month old is doing the same too! we are basically ignoring him, god knows why he is waking , last night 1am to 2.30pm

tummy ache?
not tired?

could be any of the above. I am tired and tearful as leaving him to cry it out is horrible

sorry no advice but you are not alone!!!!

porcamiseria Wed 28-Oct-09 10:35:44

I think they want to come to bed with Mum and Dad tbh!!!! but then you get little sleep, tough love from my end

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