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Any advice desperately needed - 3.2 yr old

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tetleytea Mon 26-Oct-09 10:59:53

Wondering if anyone can help...Sorry for long post!

My 3.2 yy old dd has never been a great sleeper but FINALLY in June and July she was sleeping through the night in her own room. It was unbelievably blissful...

Then we had to go and stay at my sister's for 2 months because of building work and dd had to sleep in our room, first in a travel cot, then after point blank refusing that, it was a bit cramped, in my/our bed....hmm. There was no alternative.

We've now been back in our own house for over 6 weeks, and it's proving impossible to get her to accept sleeping on her own again. She wakes up screeching and wailing 2,3,4 times a night, wanting to "come into the big bed" -understandable i realise. BTW she has never slept in our bed at home unless ill.

We've tried ABSOLUTELY everything: soft toys (she's pretty indifferent), my pillowcase for reassuring smell, night lights, bribery - stickers, books she really wants (which is what worked well back in the summer), talking about it. She just says she doesn't want to sleep on her own. I'm trying to be really consistent - i explain that we all have to sleep in our own beds, that if she can manage this she can sleep with her adored cousin at christmas etc etc.

Feeling really desperate - the tension between me and oh is rising. His suggestion - put her back in our room - great really helpful angry. I'm now 7 weeks pregnant and knackered.

We will be back at my sister's again for 2 weeks over christmas - (2 weeks necessary for family commitments, no way round it). Don't want to think about it...

VineGruesomeTits Mon 26-Oct-09 11:04:30

Can you use christmas as a bribe? tell her father christmas only brings toys to dc who sleep in their own beds

Buy her a new duvet, but take her the shops and let her choose it, tell her if she stays in bed the whole night you will take her to buy a new book

tetleytea Tue 27-Oct-09 12:28:52


ches Wed 28-Oct-09 00:04:40

My son is exactly the same with wanting to sleep in our bed (where he had been since 6 months old). He isn't sleeping through yet (2.7yr), so the night generally goes bed at 8:30pm hmm, up at 11pm to wee, straight back to his bed, up at 1am and into bed with me and DH, then through until 6:30am. If I put him back in his bed at 1am he's up again on the next sleep cycle. He is, admittedly, still teething. However, I work full-time and refuse to be a jack-in-the-box all night so bring him in with me. The non-negotiable is that he goes to sleep in his bed. I tell him his bed has a special sheet in case he doesn't wake up before he has a wee. That usually works, sometimes there's some crying but not much. It made a huge difference just to have him start the night out in his own bed. It did not change his wake pattern and he wakes as frequently when he stays over at his grandpa's.

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