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22mth DS3 Nightmare sleeper takin git out on other boys and marriage in trouble. HELP

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TanE Sun 25-Oct-09 21:11:19

My son is 22mths old and althouhg he has a good bedtime routine and settles himself to sleepwith his dummy at 7.30pm everynight he is wakin gup more and more frequently. He still sleeps in our room as we are building an extension to give him a room. He sleeps in a bed as could climb out of cot so thought a bed was safer! He often wakes around 11pm, 1am and 3.30am then up at 6am. Sometime he setlles with a sip of water other times he just screams until you cuddle him/my DH gives in and brings himin our bed (then get back ache and kicked all night. Controlled Cry I do not think would work until his is he's own room - any suggestions. I'm knackered shouting at my other two boys, both me and DH are aguring as tired and I can't carry on - I still have to work - feel at wits end Health Visitors says do CC but impossibly if in same room. Any suggestion would be great! DS1 slept through at 8wks and DS at 17mths so don't know what I've done wrong here - sometimes feel like I could happily strangle DS3 - never would just need sleep!

kcartyparty Sun 25-Oct-09 23:51:02

Went through this with DS2. He woke through the night to get into my bed until he was 8yrs old!!

You gotta break this habit now. If DH insists on putting DS3 in yr bed, tell him he can sleep on the sofa!!

He gotta help you. Keep putting DS3 back to bed. Every night. Cuddles and kiss and that's it.

Going to be v hard for the first week, but you can do it.

Don't give up!!

kcartyparty Sun 25-Oct-09 23:53:05

Sorry just an after thought....

Do you have a night light?

Ds3 maybe waking to look for dummy. Have plenty on and around his bed and one clipped to Pj's

TanE Mon 26-Oct-09 21:26:16

Thanks Kcartyparty - will try anything except controlled crying. tired kiss and return technic last night and only woke 4 times so not too bad (for us compared to normal) Let's see how tonight goes. Anyone else? PLEASE.

kcartyparty Mon 26-Oct-09 22:31:56

Please to hear that last night wasn't too bad. Just keep up that hug and kiss to reasure.

Did he manage to find any dummies himself when he wakes. If not, when he does wake show him were the dummies are so he always knows.

Don't give up. Let me know how you get on with tonights routine

Best of luck

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