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HELP! 11 mth old waking 4-4.30am and not going back down!!

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controlfreek Fri 23-Oct-09 07:49:00

desperate plea here!!

we just can't seem to break 11 month old 4-4.30am waking and get him back down!!!

this morning, after an hour of dh trying to get him back down in his cot, he left his room, let him cry and he cried on off for 45 minutes he just wouldn't go back to sleep, eventually i got him up at 6.50am and dressed and down for brekkie...

he's playing right now (7.45am) happy as larry but i know by 9am he'll be tired, cranky and wanting a nap....

How do we get him to settle back to sleep at 4am, even if he woke at 6am it would stop us slipping into insanity!? we've tried watered down milk, water, dummy....

any other suggestions welcomed pretty please!!!


Louby3000 Fri 23-Oct-09 07:57:42

My DS did exactly the same and this was at the smae time as he started to sleep through, so he would sleep till about 430, then would not go back to sleep. We did controlled crying with him till 6am, at which point if he has not gone back to sleep we would get him up and out of his cot and down stairs for the day. Our CC was- go in lay DS back down, tell him to go back to sleep. Do this at 5, then 10, then 15 minute intervals. Invariably he would go back to sleep but only for 10-20 bursts
It took 4 mornings like this, and he would gradually wake a bit later. Now he wakes up at 615-30am.
My DS can hold off for a nap till about 10am, but I did have to keep him going from 9am onwards for a couple of mornings. He takes a big 2h nap at that time and then a 1 hour one later in the day.
i hope that helps. We used and liked the Millpond Sleep Clinic sleep book.

controlfreek Fri 23-Oct-09 08:14:15

wow, thanks louby, yes it definately helps will give that a go! x

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