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Any advice on getting second child to sleep better?

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sjcmum Thu 22-Oct-09 19:54:30

DD2 is 10 months and a pretty bad sleeper - we're lucky if we get a 4 hour stretch at night, and she has a couple of half hour naps in the day.

The real problem though is that she has to be held to go to sleep, and won't settle herself. I've read the No Cry Sleep Solution, and I've tried to put her down awake and gradually change what I do - but then it can often take me at least half an hour if not an hour to get her to drop off. This isn't really feasible though on a regualr basis as I can't just ignore DD1 who is 3... so finding it impossible to invest the time I need to get DD2 to sleep better.

Also they share a room, so at night, while DD1 will sleep through most things, I'm not sure she'd sleep through anything too noisy.

Any suggestions? I'm too sleep deprived to know what to do...

katechristie Thu 22-Oct-09 21:43:30

sorry, no solutions just wanted to bump for you - I feel your pain. DD is 6mo and also won't self settle. She was brilliant for the first few months, would settle herself and was sleeping long stretches, then we hit the 4 month sleep hell and it's all gone down hill since. Also re-reading NCSS (-had similar with DS 2yrs ago!) as have nap nightmare as well - i.e. she won't!

hope you get some useful suggestions - any I would make such as getting her used to a special comforter etc. you've probably tried. Do they have the same bedtime or is DD1 a bit later? Is your DP around at bedtime to help out?

sjcmum Sun 25-Oct-09 19:54:10

Thanks Katechristie - hope your DD gets better soon! Have tried a special cuddly and not sure it makes a difference. Bedtime generally not too bad - we have a pretty good routine, and she goes to sleep quickly and same time as DD1. (Although I still carry her into the room already asleep). It is more middle of the night and naps that are tricky. The last few nights she's been awake for at least an hour if not two at some stage in the night and certainly isn't keen about going back into the cot awake....

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