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Can you help with my 16 month old?

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inscotland Thu 22-Oct-09 13:48:46

His sleeping is really wearing us down.

Until approximately 3 months ago he went to bed at 7 pm and slept until around 5 am before coming in with us for a cuddle until 6.30. Good stuff.

Roll forward to now and he's so tired and grumpy pm that he's in bed at 6.30. He wakes at least twice (although pretty easy to get back to sleep) until around 11 pm when he tosses, turns, pulls hair, kicks out and is generally really unsettled until between 2-3 am. He's then awake like at light at 5.45 am.

We don't know what's causing these night wakenings. He's not wanting to get up and play and his eyes are open but I don't think he's fully awake if you see what I mean. We've left him to cry it out, had him in with us and us lying next to him in his own bed. Nothing seems to stop it.

We're knackered. Anyone else going through or been through anything similar?

He usually has 1.5 hours at 12.30 for a daytime nap (occasionally more over the weekend).

He's gone from being a lively little boy who very rarely cried or grumbled about anything to one who has bawling matches at least once a day and is so overtired pm.

MrsJohnDeere Thu 22-Oct-09 13:54:00

Both mine have gone through phases of this when they've started doing something new - crawling, walking, talking, etc.

mummyofthomas Thu 22-Oct-09 14:17:26

Hi, mine is nearly 14 months and sounds exactly like your little boy. It is really getting to me now (I am 20 weeks pregnant too so knackered anyway) my DH sleeps through it!!!! Hope it's just a phase and both our little darlings go back to normal soon grin

MadameStripes Sat 24-Oct-09 22:02:44

Just a thought, but did the problem start when he started dropping a nap? My DD is nearly 16 months too and started getting much more unsettled at night if she only had one nap of, say, an hour or less. Mind you, she has never been a great sleeper...

preggersslaysandchops Sat 24-Oct-09 22:10:07

Has he been through a change recently? Started nursery or something similar? Or perhaps he is teething. My DS went through a phase of terrible sleeping when he was getting his eye teeth through and it lasted for weeks.

My DS sleeps better the more sleep he has during the day - are you limiting his sleep to 1.5 hours or is he waking happy after this time?

Its hard isn't it? Hopefully he will get back into his normal routine soon (though I am personally dreading the clocks changing!)

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